Daily apartments
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Apartments for Rent
Daily rent of apartments
Daily Rental in Lviv
Daily rent of apartments in Lviv

Apartments for rent in Lviv. Rent a flat, apartments, accommodation in Lviv.


1. A wide range of apartments in Lviv

Daily (Daily) apartment rental - this is the best opportunity for you to stay in the heart of the city, which will allow you to fully enjoy the beauty of our city, and easily get to anywhere in the city. Your choice of a wide vyborkvartir in Lviv with different levels of comfort and therefore different prices.

2. A wide price range of apartments in Lviv

Prices for apartments in Lviv depend on the proximity to the city center and comfortable apartments. The closer to the center of Lviv apartment, the more facilities and better apartment is furnished, so it will be more expensive. But keep in mind, even if you are visiting our city in the middle of the season and want to live in an apartment, rent an apartment in Lviv will cost much cheaper than a hotel room in its class.
Another important fact is that the apartment can stop one person or a company or a large family. And the price of the apartment will not increase because, unlike hotels, it does not depend on the number of residents.

3. Comfort daily apartments in Lviv

Renting a flat from us, you will feel at home. All our apartments are in excellent condition, furnished with a comfortable furniture, equipped with all the appliances and other amenities.

4. Your discretion when renting of apartments in Lviv

When renting apartments in Lviv, you get a great opportunity to spend time in our city just the way you want. Removing the apartment, you avoid the queues at the reception and not think how not to forget the registration card. Because daily rental apartments in Lviv - is a complete independence and freedom of action, since the possibility to call guests and ending with a free choice of food for dinner. You will feel at ease!

Flexible discounts system:

Renting for more than 10 days

Re apartment rental

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SAVE 20%

Pay attention:

If more than 5 persons checks in the apartment - not billing for an apartment but per person: 200uah/per.

Bank card number: 5168 7423 5978 6906 Галай Світлана Степанівна.

On weekends, the minimum booking 2 days.

Available payment by credit card!