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Daily Rental in Lviv
Daily rent of apartments in Lviv

3 - bedroom apartment on the Tarnavsky street

3 - bedroom apartment on the Tarnavsky street

3 - bedroom apartment on the  Tarnavsky street

Characteristics of apartments:
 - All Home Appliances
 - Telephone
 - Cable TV
 - Individual Heating
 - Hot / cold water constantly
 - Internet
 - 8 (2 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 1) sleeping places

In our apartment for rent in Lviv, you can spend your time relaxing and comfortable, enjoying the ancient city of Lviv and being in a comfortable apartment for rent in Lviv

Rent this two bedroom apartment in Lviv, you can relax and enjoy your stay in Lviv. After all, rent apartment in Lviv - it is always convenient, reliable and aesthetically pleasing. So do not waste your time thinking, and immediately order the apartment to rent.

Price per night:
1400 грн

Price per month:

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Flexible discounts system:

Renting for more than 10 days

Re apartment rental

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Pay attention:

If more than 5 persons checks in the apartment - not billing for an apartment but per person: 200uah/per.

Bank card number: 5168 7423 5978 6906 Галай Світлана Степанівна.

On weekends, the minimum booking 2 days.

Available payment by credit card!