Daily apartments
rental in Lviv:

Apartments for Rent
Daily rent of apartments
Daily Rental in Lviv
Daily rent of apartments in Lviv

Terms of settlement for daily rent apartments in Lviv


1. Booking and payment

To reserve an apartment, you can choose and book from our site any apartment of your choice, call for a specified phone number (provided that it is free for this period).

You can also pay with your credit card, our services - on-line!

2. Settlement

In the settlement you must pay in cash the whole stay.

Payment by Credit Card.

You can use a credit / deposit card to withdraw cash from ATMs located near the apartments.

3. Arrival

Estimated time: 13:00

In the case of non-standard time of settlement price may vary (specify tel. 067-49-620-68)

We can meet you at any place and time agreed upon in advance. In case of any delays or changes, contact us by phone. Indicated in the "Contact".

In the settlement you need to show your passport and check the relevant state of the apartment.

4. Check out

Estimated time: 11:00. Renewals - surcharge.

Before you leave our staff together with you check the condition of the apartment.

For any questions please contact the telephone number listed in the "Contact".

Flexible discounts system:

Renting for more than 10 days

Re apartment rental

Hot Deals
SAVE 20%

Pay attention:

If more than 5 persons checks in the apartment - not billing for an apartment but per person: 200uah/per.

Bank card number: 5168 7423 5978 6906 Галай Світлана Степанівна.

On weekends, the minimum booking 2 days.

Available payment by credit card!